CNC Router Applications

Control Panel

Make control panels for air conditioners, ventilation systems, boats, planes,helicopters, elevators, industrial panels and more
perfect for creating tamper-proof, wear-resistant control panels from a wide range of materials,easy to create perfect reproductions for high volume jobs such as a fleet of boats or aircraft.

Metal Engraving

High Quality CNC Router machine Metal Industry Engrave bar codes, serial numbers, Company logos, Mark & Letter, Molds on Metal etc...

Wood Carving

Wood Carving cnc router quality cuts.Wood works furniture, Wood gifts, wall hangings, 3D carvings, any design create on wood.

Sign Making

All types of letters sign making on cnc router. To create 2D letters to 3D carvings for materials Metal, Stone Woods, Aluminum, Gold etc...

Aluminium & Metal Composite Cladding

Specifically designed for machining aluminium composite, metal composite and solid aluminium sheets into fabrication panels for architectural metal projects.


CNC router solutions for cabinetmaking operations including customized machine
configuration, dedicated local support and a range of specially designed machine options.

Awards and Trophies

Creating a wide variety of trophies, plaques, medals, awards and more. Our machines go through a strict quality control process so you know every engraved, marked, routed or cut item using the proper tools & setting will exude the same quality. offer the flexibility, capability and quality you need for all your awards engraving needs.


Electrical engraving/PCB drilling/Marking : perfect for creating conduit and cable tags, legend plates, control panels, receptacles, safety signs, switch plates and other items used by electricians effective tools for direct part marking for the purposes of tractability, branding, and product adornment. More consistent depth of engraving vs. other marking methods.


The engraving and routing industry is filled with profitable and lucrative opportunities, having the ability to create a quality product is essential to achieving a successful business. Equipped with any Szolid Machinzs you can provide quality made Signs, Awards, Parts Marking, Engraved Jewelry and More. Our machines go through a strict quality control process to insure it's capable of producing products that will meet the same high standards. Products that will attract customers, allowing for quick ROI and a successful startup company.

Foam Packaging

for foam packaging applications in all shapes and sizes from one-off custom products to high-volume production. Take advantage of both routing and knife cutting capabilities on the same machine for versatility and reliability.